For The Love of Velour!

BlushedTapatia (5 of 51){Skirt: Aritzia (similar), T-Shirt: H&M, Jean Jacket: Zara, Shoes: Jimmy Choo (similar)}

Do you remember the velour craze of the early 2000s? If you do, you probably remember that the culprit behind the trend was Regina George’s uniform: the Juicy Couture velour tracksuit. I can clearly remember feeling like Cady in the scene were all the girls in her high school start cutting holes on their shirts to match Regina’s but instead of North Shore High School it was Unionville High School and instead of shirts with holes it was Juicy Couture tracksuits.

I am not exaggerating when I say that they were worn by at least 50% of the girls in my school, but for some reason, I was never interested. Now don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be like Regina just as much as the other girls, I even went as far as spending all my babysitting money on a mini colourful Louis Vuitton replica. But there was something about velour that I couldn’t quite stomach and somehow, surprisingly, I made it through high school and most of my young adult life, without ever even trying on a piece of clothing made out of the popular fabric. In fact, had you asked me a few months ago my opinion on said fabric I would have responded with a simple – ew. That was, of course, until I found this pencil skirt at Aritzia.

I’m not sure if it’s because the skirt was on sale, or because I’m nostalgic for simpler high school days or simply because I’ve always been more of a pencil skirt kind of girl, but, for whatever reason, I am absolutely smitten with this velour skirt!  And deep down inside, I know Regina would approve 😉

* Photos by my wonderfully talented friend, Meg from Willow Tree Photography, for Blushed Tapatia.

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Velour Pencil Skirt

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What’s your favourite colour?


Do you remember the last time someone asked you: “What’s your favourite colour?”

I don’t think I’ve asked someone that since I was in the fourth grade and I can’t remember the last time I was asked. It’s a question we often asked each other as kids and was a great way to build relationships; “you mean you love magenta too?!”.  While it is a fairly juvenile question, I feel like it reveals a lot about an individual such as their sense of style, their personality and their tendencies (creative, to the point, etc). Just think about how much you can gleam from someone who tells you that their favourite colour is cyan – the exact shade- versus someone who says their favourite colour is blue.

My favourite colour is blush pink. What does that say about me? Maybe that I’m specific and I like certainty. Or that I like a classic.  I’m not quite sure but I like to think it means something, especially since half of my wardrobe, accessories and nail polishes are that colour.

So with that, I’d love to know, what’s your favourite colour and why?!


Blushed{Purse: Zara, Necklace: J.Crew (similar -on sale)}

Spring Uniform


Fall has always been my favourite season, by far, but lately spring has become a real contender;  flowers blooming everywhere, birds chirping, sunny warm afternoons and cool breezy evenings. While I love the variety of the weather it can be pretty tricky to dress for. Light cargo pants, a textured blouse {or stripped t-shirt}, a statement necklace and a classic trench has been my go-to outfit. It’s great for grocery shopping, taking the dogs for a walk in High Park or running errands throughout the day and can easily be dressed up for dinner with friends by switching out the loafers with your favourite pair of high heels.

This tote has also been on heavy rotation this spring {also seen here}. I saw it in the store’s window display as I walked by and it literally stopped me dead in my tracks. I was immediately in love with its structured shape since it makes what would otherwise be a very casual purse, a more versatile piece that works just as well for the office {it perfectly fits my laptop, book & shoes!} as it does for the farmers market on the weekend.

I’d love to know, what’s your go-to outfit for spring? Do you look forward to ditching the boots for flats or pants for dresses?

All of the photos were taken by my very talented friend Willow Tree Photography.




fruitstand4{Cargo pants – J.Crew (similar), Trench coat – Banana Republic, Gingham blouse: The Gap (similar), Necklace: Club Monaco (similar), Loafers – Michael Kors, Tote – Urban Outfiters, Belt – Antrophologie, Nail polish: Essie’s Fifth Avenue}

West Elm Spring Faves

Despite the winter-like weather in Toronto this week, I am in full spring mode {which for me means bright colours, lots of flowers and deep spring cleaning!}. Last week I hit up the majority of our apartment but I left my closet/clothes for this weekend. While I don’t actually love the actual process of getting rid of the things I don’t use anymore, I absolutely love the feeling of having more space in my closet and around our apartment- it’s all about balance right?!

Spring cleaning also helps me take a step back and look at our apartment holistically. We moved into our place in October and there were a few things we wanted to purchase but we kept putting off.  Seven months have gone by and we’ve become accustomed to the way our little home feels but taking a moment to really look at our apartment helped me notice the places that I’ve been ignoring, like the corner in our dining room that still looks a little bare and needs some love.

I don’t really need an excuse to look through the West Elm website but that empty corner needed a solution, so I did some research and not only did I find the perfect planter to brighten up the space, I also fell absolutely in love with some of the products they have for spring so I made a little wish-list. A girl can dream, right?!

West Elm Spring Roundup
1. Geometrical Pillow  : We currently have grey pillows on our dark brown leather couch and the colour along with the interesting geometric pattern would add a fresh pop of colour to my living room.

2. Vase (on sale!) : I usually have fresh tulips on our dinner room table but since winter is holding on with a strong grip around here, I am stocking up on all the fresh flowers and this unique yet classic vase would be perfect for holding my current favourite, ranunculus.

3. Bar cabinet : We have been looking for the perfect bar cart for at least half a year and by now I’m starting to feel like they are a bit overdone {would you agree?}. I saw this cabinet in the store and fell in love immediately – not only is the design gorgeous, it’s also versatile enough to be more than a bar cabinet.

4. Newgate wall clock : This classic would be great as a stand alone feature on a wall or as part of a gallery.

5. Mid-century planter : This is exactly what the corner in our dinning room needs and I might just have to go buy it this weekend! I am sure that it would look great with any plants but I love the look of the cactus, although it might not be the safest plant for Ernie.

6.Flamingo plate: I wouldn’t buy a whole set of these but would love to have one or two as sharing plates at the table.


Worth the Splurge


I bought these high waisted, structured pants from J.Crew when I was in university. They weren’t on sale and were certainly out of my very meagre student budget but I absolutely loved them and knew that I would live in them, so I justified the splurge. And I was right! They were basically my uniform throughout my undergrad. I paired them with my favourite casual white tee, a blingy necklace, a black blazer and my white converse shoes.  Nowadays I mostly wear them to the office along with either a black turtle neck, a white blouse + a killer statement necklace, or as of late, my favourite leather top. I also traded in my (now-not-so-white) converse for a pair of pointed toe stilettos.

IMG_1309{Pants: J.Crew similar, Top: Zara, Belt: J.Crew, Shoes: Ivanka Trump similar; Bangles: J.Crew}

It wasn’t until a co-worker asked me where I got the pants that I realized how long I’ve had them and that in a way, they have grown up and matured with me. I absolutely love that a piece of clothing can be versatile and classic enough to do just that! When I first bought them I definitely wasn’t thinking about their longevity or how I could wear them in my future professional life but that is something that I now try to think about every time I go shopping, especially when something is a little bit more of a splurge. If I could go back in time, I would absolutely buy these again and again!

I’d love to know, do you have something in your closet that you continue to wear on a daily basis and that has been with you for a few years?  If so, what is it and what do you love about it?

Question for you…

As you might know by now, I am training for the Boston Marathon {which is just over two weeks away!}. You also might know that I am not a runner – long distance or otherwise – but the opportunity presented itself and I just couldn’t turn it down.  The training hasn’t been easy but it has been an incredible process.

As race day gets closer and closer I get more and more anxiously excited.  To get more excited than anxious, I’ve been focusing on the running, on what I’m going to wear {seriously, this is important!} and what I’m going to listen to. Since I basically rushed into the training without having much time to think or plan beforehand, I didn’t really have a chance to build a proper playlist so I’ve been using Songza on most of my training runs. This has worked well so far but I won’t be streaming music when I’m across the border because that would be hecka expensive!  I also love the idea of having a playlist as a nice “souvenir” from what will most likely be an emotional and physical rollercoaster of a day.

I started working on the playlist a few days ago and have gotten a good start but I have a question for you…


I would love it if you could recommend a song {or more!} that you think should definitely be on my Boston Marathon playlist.  Think of it as a way of cheering for me on race day when I will most likely be exhausted and thinking that running 42.1 kilometres was the worst idea ever :)

You can type the name of the songs & artists in the comment section below, tweet them or text them to me  – whatever works for you!

Looking forward to building the best running playlist with your help!


Two Must-Do’s in Austin

Downtown Austin

Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend SXSW for the first time.  I was so excited about going the conference that all of the research I did ahead of time revolved around sessions and speakers. It wasn’t until I was on the plane reading the latest issue of Domino Magazine, which timely featured Austin, that I realized that I wasn’t just going to an amazing conference but to an amazing city {duh! I know…}.

If you’ve never been to Austin you seriously need to get there. It’s such a unique city that literally oozes with art, music and creativity. It’s also incredibly active; every single day I saw people rowing or paddle boarding on the Colorado river or going for a jog along it. And you guys, southern hospitality is a real thing! At first I thought all the Uber drivers in the city were nice, then that all the people involved in the conference were super friendly until finally I realized that every.single.person in the city was just as sweet as their iced tea!

I didn’t get a ton of time to explore but after spending six days walking/running/driving and even getting lost{!!} around Austin, I feel like I have enough experience to tell future Austin goers that the two must-do things in the city are:

  1. Going for a walk/run along the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike trail. I know, it sounds super outdoorsy, but trust me it doesn’t have to be. You can enjoy a leisure stroll and get some unbelievable views of the city. Still not convinced? Just look at the photos below 😉
  2. Shopping for unique / vintage items along South Congress {like these!} and then taking a well-deserved brunch & mimosas break at Snack Bar.

IMG_1216{We basically got off the plane and found Gus’s Fried Chicken – #priorities! }

IMG_1218{Southern fried chicken & sweet iced tea}

IMG_1212{I had high expectations for BBQ & , honestly, was disappointed but the experience & sauce at Terry Black’s were unmatched!}

IMG_1214{Just one of the many incredible vintage signs/restaurants on South Congress}

IMG_1215{Street art reminding everyone to be still and smile}

IMG_1219{Started as many mornings as I could with a run around the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike trail}

IMG_5988{More from the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike trail}

IMG_7626{And one more from the trail because, you guys, it’s that great!}


{How amazing is this wall at Plaid Pigeon, a cute little shop on South Congress?! }

IMG_1209{There’s really not enough time to see all the cute anthropologie-like stores along South Congress!}

IMG_0969{Literally breathtaking art around every corner}

IMG_1210{Rajas tacos that were almost as good as they are south of the border!}


Something new


A few weeks ago I decided to try something new. Something I had been dying to do for quite some time but, for some reason, I  let that little anxiety gremlin inside of me (we all have that right?) convince me that it was too difficult for me to learn something so complex this late in life (ha! quarter life crisis), that even if I could learn it, it’s just not the “type” of stuff I’m into and also not the type of stuff regular people do as a hobby .

Then, a few weeks ago I told the little gremlin to shut it and started searching for a beginners coding class. I wasn’t quite sure what the most prestigious place to learn code in Toronto was but I knew that I wanted to find a course that wouldn’t only teach me the know-how but a place that would make me feel comfortable enough to ask a gallilion silly questions – because that’s really how I learn – by asking lots of “Why?” questions – like a two year old 😉

I  then remembered that a friend volunteers at Ladies Learning Code and after poking around their site I signed up for a Saturday workshop.

To say that the workshop was fast paced would be the understatement of the year but they had plenty of coffee and coaches offering help & answering questions. Somewhere between the caffeine high and the beautiful exposed bricks, I fell so very deeply in love with coding.


 {Not only did they have endless amounts of coffee but they served it in those amazing mugs!}

Afterwards  I was literally buzzing for the rest of the day and well into the evening – and it wasn’t just the caffeine! I was SO thrilled to have learned how to make a website from scratch. Sure I’ve got a TON to learn. Sure it is going to be very difficult and I have basically a whole new language to master but my goodness, am I excited for the challenge! I want to CREATE. To DESIGN. To MAKE THINGS! And this workshop reminded me of that.

I’ve got a long way to go before I am able to call myself a coder but I took the plunge.

So, with that I want to challenge you to try something new in January. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone and quiet down that little anxiety gremlin inside of you because that buzzing feeling you get when you try something new is so incredibly worth it!


Friday Favourites

Humber River{Ernie & I took advantage of the beautiful weather this week… can you spot him?}

Can someone please tell me where October went? I mean, I know everyone tends to say that at one point or another but I actually caught myself the other day thinking about Halloween and it took me a few seconds to realize that not only has Halloween already come and gone but Christmas spirit is upon us full throttle. Maybe my confusion had to do with the phenomenal weather we had in Toronto this past week; the weather was well above seasonal temperatures and it was quite glorious! The real beauty of it, though, was that since we all know winter is coming, there was an abundant amount of happy people basking in the sunshine.  It was truly good but is anyone else just ready to deck the halls and let it snow?!

Hope you all have the loveliest of weekends! xo

Carrots for everyone!{In absolute shock at the size of the carrots we got with our Mama Earth Organics box this week}

unnamed{My dream home}

Christmas decorations {Coziest Christmas decor}

What I Read in October

OctoberBooksI am really thankful that one of the last surviving Indigo stores is close to my office. One of my favourite things to do when I need a break is to walk to the store and browse around for new books. Sure, books are way cheaper on Amazon but I just love casually walking up and down the aisles in a book store until a cover, or title jumps out. This past month, that book for me was Ripper. I truly admire Isabelle Allende as an author and a feminist ( have you seen this TED Talk of hers?!) so when I saw her new book sitting on the shelf at the store I didn’t even think twice.

Ripper, is, as far as I am aware, Allende’s first venture into the murder mystery genre and she did a brilliant job. The story telling was so captivating that I was quite literally glued to this book – I just needed to find out who was committing all the murders and how they connected with the main character, Indiana!

Not only will this book will transport you to beautiful current day San Francisco, it will introduce you to four of the most compelling characters in any murder mystery novel. Allende is one of the most talented story tellers of this century and part of the reason why is because she has the ability to create incredible characters and in this case, the characters are what makes the novel truly memorable. After having finished this book, I felt like Indiana, her spunky daughter Amanda and her father were close family friends.

The Blackthorn Key was October’s pick for the #IndigoBookClub. I had never participated in this Twitter chat but figured since I devoured Ripper (finished it in just over a week) I had some time to catch up and finish the book before the chat. The book had potential – London in the 1600’s, a young apothecary apprentice, murder mystery ( this was apparently the theme for the month) –  but it turned out to be just all-right. The story was definitely entertaining but I found the characters lacked in complexity. I also didn’t try to solve the code puzzle that the main character is working to decipher but many on the #IndigoBookClub admitted that that was their favourite thing. It was an easy, entertaining read that one who loves solving puzzles might enjoy.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?

Also, I’m always looking for new book to read so I’d love to know what you have been reading!